Portable Mini Craft bags Sealer, polythene sealer

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Portable Mini Craft bags Sealer and polythene sealer


Suitable for kitchen or travel food fruit and snacks to keep fresh and your Craft bags

  • 1. Mini and portable, can also be carried when traveling
  • 2. Easy to operate, according to the light scratch of the battery can be sealed after
  • 3. practicality, storage variety

Specification parameters:

  • Weight: 64g
  • Material: plastic + stainless steel + ceramic
  • Size: 14.3*4 * 4cm
  • Power supply: 2 AA batteries (need to provide their own)

Package includes:

  • 1 sealer and instructions
  • Note: 1. The product does NOT contain batteries, you need to provide their own 2 No. 5 batteries!


  • ①The product has a two-in-one function of sealing and opening, one end is sealed and one end is opened.
  • ②The product requires the use of 2 x alkaline dry batteries No. 5, according to the battery compartment marking the positive and negative direction. Install the batteries according to the positive and negative directions marked in the battery compartment.
  • ③To seal, remove the hook first, then press to preheat for 3 seconds, then pull to seal. Sealing tips: pull faster for thin bags and slower for thicker bags.
  • ④The product has a built-in automatic reset switch, press to power on, release to power off, and no waste of battery power.

Caution: 1. 2 alkaline No.5 batteries should be purchased for the first use of the sealer, please note the positive and negative battery polarity when installing the sealer, and press to heat for about 5 seconds before sealing. Do not exceed 1 minute per use to avoid overheating the batteries!

PS: Due to the high power requirements of the sealing machine, it is recommended to use brand new No. 5 batteries.

2. What happened when the sealer was not successful after loading the batteries?
Check whether the positive and negative poles of the battery are correct, replace the battery with a new No. 5 battery to try to ensure that the battery power is sufficient, press for about 5 seconds to warm up, and then seal, there is a video on the details page to learn how to operate Oh.

3. Uneven sealing & bag breakage when sealing?
This is related to the sealing control time and strength, before sealing the mouth of the bag will be laid flat, thin bags quickly slide through, and thick bags slowly slide through, remember to gently press the uniform slide, try a few more times to feel it!

4. Can I seal the bagged milk if I don't finish it?
The bag should be clean and free from stains such as oil and water. Just dry the inside and outside of the bag before sealing.

5. Do I need to press hard?
Gently press with moderate force, violent pressure will cause the metal contact piece to deform and not heat up.

Tip: Remember to remove the batteries when the sealer is not in use for a long period of time and when carrying it around!

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