CREATINE MONOHYDRATE 1000mg TABLETS X 120 - Made in Poland

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SOWELO CREATINE IS A PREPARATION CONTAINING 1000mg of creatine monohydrate in one tablet

CREATINE is synthesized in the liver with the amino acids glycine, methionine and arginine. CREATINE was first described in 1832. Creatine biosynthesis in our body amounts to 1-2 g per day. CREATINE MONOHYDRATE is the oldest, most popular and most effective form of creatine, which has been successfully used for several decades. It has been tested by millions of people and if any supplement can be considered the most effective in its field - it will be CREATINE MONOHYDRATE. CREATINE MONOHYDRATE, when used regularly in the amount of 3-5g a day, creates a very favorable environment for regeneration, hydration, increased exercise capacity and growth of our muscle cells. Thanks to the use of CREATINE MONOHYDRATE, the body is able to generate more ATP, thanks to which the muscles become more efficient, stronger and are able to cope with the increasingly difficult training challenge. CREATINE MONOHYDRATE binds water molecules in muscle cells, thanks to which the body regenerates better between efforts, and the positive myostatin-inhibiting effect causes dynamic growth of new muscle cells. The use of CREATINE MONOHYDRATE is possible in several ways: The most spectacular effect is achieved by using the loading phase - consuming 4x5 tablets for 7-10 days, then using 2x3 tablets a day for about a month. We take a 3-week break and repeat the cycle. Another option is to use 3 to 6 tablets a day for about two months. It is also popular to use 1000 mg of CREATINE MONOHYDRATE for every 10 kg of lean body mass and to consume this amount for an extended period of time.


  • Increases ATP synthesis
  • Improves muscle hydration
  • Accelerates regeneration
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Inhibits myostatin and increases muscle growth
  • Accelerates regeneration

One portion of Sowelo Creatine contains 3000mg of Creatine Monohydrate, Suggested Use: Consume 3 tablets a day, or according to your own idea.

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